24 June 2009

the night of Zigster's birthday party

I've been feeling a little down and didn't really feel like being social. I had pretty much decided not to go and instead to stay home watching Numbers and working on my puzzle (and wallowing in self-pity). But then I received a text message from DisneyKid asking if I was going. I told him I wasn't sure since I'd had a headache all day but asked if he was going. He said they were all intending to carpool after work and that I had to come. He said they would understand if I couldn't but that they really wanted me to.

Part of my recent "down" feelings was that I feel displaced in life, like there's not really a particular place where I belong or where I'm even wanted. I feel like people just tollerate my presence because they are generally nice and just don't shun people like me. Or maybe they pity me like I'm their service project or something (no loser left behind or something to that affect).

But when DK sent the text I knew they really did want me there. I hadn't worked all week and so the "out of sight = out of mind" rule could have applied but it didn't. So I went.

It was actually a ton of fun! We didn't get to stay for very long but we did get there in time for the birthday cake and a little swimming. After they kicked us out of the pool we got some Taco Bell and went back to DK's house. V left early but Double E and DK made sure to catch me up on all the CU goings on so I'd get the jokes of the week when I got back to work.

By the time I got home I felt a whole lot better. They are truly a phenominal bunch! I really think they are the biggest reason I was meant to work at the CU. Double E, The Man, Shy Singer, The Mama, V, DisneyKid and Zigster. They have all had a part in my recovery and rehabilitation. They have given me stability and a place of encouragement and support to help me rediscover myself. I love them dearly and they are the real reason I've stayed in this job for as long as I have.
They are so much fun, especially when we're all together. I told V and Double E yesterday that if I could get paid just to hang out with them I would never leave my job. But the rest of it is taking it's toll and I'm not sure how much longer I'll last. But that's a post for another blog, I've already delved a little deeper than I said I would here. ;-)

Anyway, thank you DisneyKid and the rest of the WSJ crew for involving me in your fun!
...rather than leaving "...my all by myself..." haha! (p.s. to the rest of ya'll, that's not a typo).

17 June 2009

Riding Frontrunner

I told mom yesterday that I was planning on riding the Frontrunner up to Ogden and she said I should wait until today and we'd make a field trip of it.

So this morning mom, Bliss, The Kid and I went downtown to the station and got a group pass to ride.

The Kid loved looking out the windows at all the other trains we passed or that passed us along the way.
And at everything else too!

Of course, being the inquisitive almost-three-year-old that he is, we could not keep him sitting down for long. He wanted to run and march and dance up and down the rows the whole time. He had to look at everything!

We were going to wander around Ogden a little once we got up there, find someplace to eat lunch and such but it was raining pretty hard at the Ogden station so we ended up just coming back to SLC instead.
It was a fun adventure. We discovered that if we do it again with The Kid we need to bring toys and snacks and other things to keep his attention!

15 June 2009

Birdie in the Branch

We had a little visitor in the branch today. It's not really unusual to have birds flying around the rafters of the Walmart but they don't usually hang out in the branch. At first we thought it was hiding...

Then we found out that it wanted to open an account...actually, it looks more like it was just looking to consult a calender...

I'm afraid it may have been injured, it ran into the wall, then into the window to the office. Then the BossLady tried to coax it into a box to get it outside but it flew away.

It finally found its way out of the branch, though, and ended up in check-out isle 18 until the Walmart employee tried to catch it with a bag. I guess it decided it preferred a t-shirt because it ended up in the women's clothing section. I lost track of it from there.

Oh the adventures we have at the good old WSJ!

14 June 2009

Raining Inside

I love hanging out with my nephew! He's the cutest kid ever! He gets such joy out of playing with almost anything. He's so creative and imaginative. He had so much fun playing with this umbrella. He uses pillows as pirate swords or light sabers. He love dancing and puzzles and trains and playing with the big exercise ball. He has so much energy.

He'll be three years old in August and he's pretty smart. We still have trouble understanding some of what he says, we need to work on his enunciation, but he's improving. I was talking with him the other day and I called him "Baby" like I always do. Then he said, "I'm not a baby, I'm Jarom Watts!" very emphatically. My little nephew is growing up! Thankfully there's another one on the way...

13 June 2009

something old ---> something new

The blog formerly known as Fantastic Funk hasn't been so fantastic recently so I renamed it and changed the address to something more fitting to the writings there and I'm starting over here. If you want to be invited to view former postings, email me at alittlefunk@gmail.com and I will send you an invitation. I will still be posting there as well, but this will be my public face and personality.

I have a tendency to use my blog as a place to put my thoughts and feelings so I don't feel so anonymous in the world. My thoughts and feelings are often of the melancholy or plaintive nature and I decided that's not what I want my public face to portray. So, I'll try to keep Fantastic Funk a little more superficial. The other blog will be more of my depth...So to those two or three people who actually read my blogs, let me know what you want to read. ;-)