26 July 2009

Something worthwhile

I'm watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition. This episode is about a couple who adopted (I think) six children from China, some of which have special needs. The father is in the hospital with brain cancer.

I like watching this show because I like to see people helping each other. Some of the families that receive help are like the family in this episode, they have adopted children who are in need and are working to provide them with love and a chance for the future. The people in the neighborhood always band together to help with the construction of the house and to lend other forms of support. Businesses are always so generous.

I want to be someone like that. I want to have the ability to help other people. I want to do something worthwhile with my life.

I'm just not sure how. I don't have money. I don't have any extraordinary talents. I try to be kind and I try to be helpful when I see a need. I just want to be able to do more.

The last few years I've been sort of locked up inside of myself and I haven't given much of myself. I want to change that. I want to be better at loving and serving. I'm not bad at coming up with ideas, I'm just not good at putting those ideas into action. I need a team or at least one cohort to help me learn action. I want to be of use. I want to help those around me. I want to make a difference. I want to live a life that is worthwhile.

12 July 2009

Adventures in Babysitting

Friday after work I went to Bliss's house to watch The Kid while his parents went to the Desert Star. He was so funny. He's so full of energy and just wants to play and explore all the time. There were bugs by the door and he had to stop and point out each one. He had to show me all around the house, "I show you!" he said and led me by the hand.

We played in his room for a while. He love stuffed animals and he has a bunch of them piled on his bed. For nearly an hour he threw the stuffed animals and his two favorite blankies at me. He stood on the bed and threw them off then jumped down and threw them back on. I tried to catch them and throw them back before they hit the floor. He giggled and grinned the whole time. He played like he was a puppy. He played like he was Spiderman (tried to climb on everything). He played like he was Superman and tried to fly off the bed then got a little mad at me when I caught him instead of letting him fly. What a cutie!

He finally settled down when I suggested we read a book. He chose a book that's about the human body. We looked at the pictures and he told me what was going on. "He eats the sandwich, it goes down the food tube and ends up in the diaper". He's a smart kid. Then we got to the last part of the book which is about how babies are born. I said, "You're going to have a baby soon, aren't you?" He's so smart he said, "No, Mommy's going to have a baby, not me!" So funny!

p.s. I need to put more effort into wording. I'm sure I could make this sound more fun and interesting and animated. Sorry if it's boring. I haven't been feeling much like writing recently so I guess I'm going through the motions with the hope that I'll feel more like writing.

05 July 2009

Independence Day

I was sitting downstairs watching Star Wars (Empire Strikes Back) and updating my employment history information when I heard a little voice yelling, "Lawa! I'm coming!" A moment later The Kid burst through the door and launched himself into my arms. He's obsessed with Star Wars so he excitedly sat down to watch with me. What a cutie!

We celebrated Mom and Bliss's birthdays and had dinner then played a round of TV scene it? Guys vs. Girls.

Bliss and her family had to leave early but Bobpi showed up just in time to help they guys win the game.

Bobpi and I met up with The Artist and some members of the SL Univ 47th to go to Sugarhouse for the fireworks. We stopped at Wendy's to get some food for the guys and then took sort of a round about way of getting to the park because of the construction.
We parked a couple of blocks away but avoided much of the traffic. When we got to the park there was a nice sized group from the ward already set up so we spread out our blankets on the end and joined in the pre-fireworks fun.

We played games and hung out and took pictures. The Artist and I went to Wendy's to get a drink and ran into Zigster on the way back to the group. When we got back Bobpi, Liz and Jay were playing a card game called Idiot and told me to join in. I guess the guys had been ganging up on Liz so she said I needed to be on her side. The first round I was the Idiot (meaning I lost) and the second round I won and Liz was the Idiot. The guys decided that was a good time to stop. I hadn't really been paying much attention because I had been texting with V who was also at the park...though we never met up.

The fireworks were pretty cool. They weren't really remarkable, but they were good. I would have preferred having some music playing, that would have improved the show! After the fireworks we hung out in the park until most of the people had cleared out. While we waited, Bobpi and I played with my camera. We took some pretty interesting pictures:

The moon was high and bright...

There were some kids playing with Lightsaber-like glowing swords...

...lots of interesting pictures.

In the end The Artist went with some of the others to a girl's house for a movie but Bobpi needed to get home so we left. I drove the long way but at least we didn't get stuck in traffic! I hate being stuck in traffic. I would much rather drive out of my way than just sit with the car running in the middle of bumper to bumper traffic.

All in all it was a rather pleasant day! I'm grateful for my freedom. I'm grateful for the country that I live in and the liberties that I enjoy daily. I'm grateful for my family and friends. I'm grateful for those who have gone before me who have lived and died in the pursuit of freedom. I am grateful for those who live and die today to protect that freedom. I hope everyone had a fantastic Independence Day!