02 June 2015

broken brain = sabotage

I’ve been spending too much time again
Alone inside my messed up head
Being with him may be driving me nuts
His consistent inconsistency’s too much
 “Busy” is what he says to explain
Sudden distance, silence, space
“I’m not going away, lay that worry to rest”
Incongruent words cause confusing stress
Here and gone, did I push him away?
Does he leave because I begged him to stay?
He knows I’m hooked, though I try to be calm
Why do I want him when I know we’re all wrong?

Is it better to be alone and sane
Or half crazy in someone’s arms?

it's difficult sometimes. life is overwhelming and i just need someone to see me, hear me, hold me. he's good at two of those...sometimes he's good at all three...when he wants to be....

the last month has been really rough for me. the constant rain and shifting weather, and now the heat have given me horrible headaches, restlessness, and a heavy bout of depression. working 7-12 hours a day, 6 days a week with little sleep and not enough food has just made it worse. topping it off, his sudden distance and silence made it pretty much unbearable. i'm really glad May is over, it was too much. i'm a little afraid June won't be much better. 

i need a friend. i need someone who wants to give me time and attention, just for a moment. it seems no one has either these days...not for me anyway...not when it's convenient for me anyway. i try to be accommodating. i've always tried to be flexible, to be there for people when they need me and how they need me. right now i feel like no one is there for me.

most of the people i feel comfortable talking to have children. don't get me wrong, i love children, they are beautiful and fun and so amazing...except when i need to talk, when i need undivided attention. along with my near constant headaches/migraines i also experience oversensitivity to sound and light. children are noisy and since i'm not a parent i haven't developed the ability to tune them out when i'm trying to have a conversation. that's one of the reasons why it's too difficult for me to hang out with my friends who have children. i don't know how to ask for their time and attention away from their kids. parents should spend as much time as they can with their children, who am i to request even a momentary separation? and what about the hassle of finding a sitter? i wish i were a better friend to the people i love and miss who are wrapped up in the life i wish i could live...it's really hard for me sometimes.

my single friends are becoming more distant as well, most of them living far away these days. i don't want to disrupt their lives with my stupid need for attention. when they are around i try to keep a smile on my face, act positive even when i'm wishing i could just go to sleep and not wake up. sometimes i pray for that. please let me just disappear. who would even notice? who would even care? please don't make me do this again tomorrow. but i always wake up.

tonight (it's 1:19am and i can't sleep...hooray for insomnia! sigh) i wish i could go somewhere, a cool, dark, safe place with a comfortable bed, plenty of fresh air, and soundproof walls. i wish i could be sedated, hooked up to an IV that would give me what my body needs, and just let me sleep for a week, or longer. i don't want to think anymore. i don't want to feel anymore. i don't want to worry about eating...eating is one of the most difficult activities for me these days. i don't know what to do about anything.

i know i started this post talking about a boy...he's not the reason i'm depressed and wishing for an end. he's been better to me than i thought possible. he really has tried to be a better friend. it's true that when he wants me i feel better and when he doesn't i feel worse, but that's true with anyone. it's easier to want to live when i know someone else wants me to keep going. sometimes it's just nice to know someone out there is thinking of me, caring about me, every day...letting me know that i'm not invisible, insignificant, alone. but i don't want to be dependent on another person like that. i can be okay alone. i've spent most of my life alone. it's just better with someone else. i don't know what it means when he gets distant and silent like this. did he find someone more interesting, more attractive, more sane? or does he just need some time alone? does it matter? sometimes i wish he would find someone else...i wish he'd decide to love me, or leave me alone for good. but i don't see either of those happening anytime soon. so we're stuck in between...which is what i wanted...till now. i don't like the lack of stability and security. but i don't think either of us are ready...we're both a little messed up, it's not just me. i really just want to know. i want to stop being afraid. i want to trust and stop panicking, stop walking on eggshells, stop wondering about the future, stop fearing the past. i don't want to feel crazy and worthless anymore. i've worked so hard but it's never quite good enough. i don't know what to do, how to fix my broken brain, how to stop sabotaging relationships and friendships and opportunities. i just don't know what to do.

sorry for the not so happy rambling. i just really needed someone to talk to.

it's 2am...can i sleep now please?

17 May 2015

forgiving...part 3 - one year

One year ago today I wrote a note and opened a door that had been locked for a long time. The year that has followed that note has been one of shock and awe, reconciliation, discovery/rediscovery, introspection,  adventure, frustration, excitement, intrigue, fascination, affection, and forgiveness. I have learned that what I thought I knew was not necessarily truth. The perspective I’ve clung  to for so long was not entirely accurate. In the past my focus was on all the lack and loss instead of what was good and present. Over the last week or so memories of moments from eight, nine, and ten years ago have flowed through my mind; all the things I didn't pay enough attention to the first time are standing out to me now. Maybe he was better to me than I thought at the time. Maybe my fears and ideals and broken brain put an unrealistic spin on things. Maybe he wasn't the villain I made him out to be. Maybe I was partly to blame for our inability to work things out.

I don’t have adequate words to say what I’m trying to say. I hesitate to say anything here at all, a little afraid that things are going so well because it’s all on the DL. I won’t go into much detail or anything, I just want to say that I’m generally content with the way things are. 

I don’t know what we are, why we are, or how long we will be whatever we are. We always tried too hard to make it something (friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc) instead of just letting it be what it was, allowing things to evolve at the pace that was right for us. I let him back into my life without a clue of what to expect. Over the last year he has blown all expectation out of the water, so eager to have me back in his life that he was willing to do whatever it took to keep me around. I’m the one who has held back, hesitated, worried, and waited. And he has been patient.

Emotions and expectations started too high on both sides: wanting, needing, fearing, hoping, forcing, neglecting, searching...he was so eager to have me back, so ready to do whatever it took to keep me, but fear overwhelmed me at random moments and I made it all too difficult. Everything went too fast at first. I wanted time, needed to slow things down. I couldn't speak. The fear, confusion, and doubt mingled with the hope, desire, and possibility and took all the words away. We broke up in September. In the moment it was good and I was content, relieved even...we were always good at saying goodbye. But then it hit me and I cried for two days. It wasn't the idea of losing him that made me cry, it was the idea of starting the cycle again. It's how it always went, so intense it overwhelmed us and we ran away. 

I wanted time and consistency. I wanted time for whatever we were to simmer and steep and have a real chance to fizzle into whatever we could be. So I suggested cutting out the labels such as "dating" and "just friends" and any other definitions because of the complications created from the implication of expectations they carry. In this undefined space we are learning how to interact with each other, how to communicate, and how to pleasantly coexist. I am learning to trust. He is learning to accept me as I am and be compassionate and understanding when my brain turns against me. He has really been trying to be a good friend to me. He treats me well and is increasingly more patient and supportive in my moments of depression and anxiety. I have been trying to emphasize my appreciation for the good in him and minimize my frustration over his weaknesses. I'm working on doing the same with my own strengths and weaknesses as well.

Life baffles me. Relationships and social interactions often baffle me as well. I'm grateful for this year. I'm grateful that I followed whatever prompted me to open that door and let him back in. I'm grateful that things are generally content and consistent and that we are able to be friends. He is a good man and I'm really glad I can see that again. 

07 April 2015

dear void

It's been a while. Sorry, I've been neglectful. Life has been vast...I'm writing this on my phone with the auto text, when I meant to say crazy, it came up with vast.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines vast: very great in size, amount, degree, intensity, or especially in extent or range. I suppose that fits. Life has been vast, at least from my perspective. People outside would disagree. They see only snippets and tidbits but from the inside the last 6 months to a year of my life feels immense, monumental, tremendous, walloping, and overwhelming. Things have happened and I've made choices and my perspective and faith and personal truth have been tested and stretched and altered. Things I thought I knew have been challenged and changed. Things I thought were important seem less so, or more so now. I have allowed myself to follow a process that to some...maybe to most...would seem unadvisable. I've made mistakes and given in to doubts and fears more than I should have. I've hidden away too much, perhaps.

For the most part I really like where I am right now. I love my job at the museum and I like my job at the library well enough. I'm generally content with the few constant friends and I've settled into a near contentment with the loneliness and disappointment of being single despite my best efforts. I've come to terms (or am coming to terms) with some ghosts from my past and the depressing and anxiety have been less prevalent. I'm finding it a bit tricky to accept certain disappointments without losing hope entirely, but I'm making progress in that as well.

There are two things that need to change, but I cannot see the way. I wish I had someone to talk to who would really listen to understand, without judgement or disappointment or bias, and help me see what I cannot make clear. Perhaps it isn't time. Maybe eternal patience is required in this matter. Maybe there will never be closure or reconciliation or total enlightenment. Perhaps it will be forever unresolved. How do I accept that and move forward despite the constant uncertainty?

I'm feeling low and alone today. My thoughts needed air and space and refused containment. I guess I'm hoping the void will swallow some of my discontent and leave me lighter and more able to make it through the vast day. So...

Thank you, once again, dear void.